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    Wasense International Technology CO., Ltd has been engaged in the manufacture of high-tech products as long term phone suppliers. It has a good reputation in the mobile phone industry.

    Shenzhen Mei Li Devices CO., Ltd was established in 2020. The Mei Li Devices CO., Ltd is the brunch company of Wasense International Technology CO., Ltd. It's specialized in disposable masks and KN95 masks.

    It has established a complete medical devices production quality mangement system, equipped with professional laboratories and testing equipment. They stipulated standard second class devices of the GuangDong Drug Administration.

    Shenzhen Mei Li Devices CO., Ltd have experienced professional and technical personnel at present. Including five senior engineers and ten junior engineers; The workshop is ten thousand centiare, there are about one hundred thousand dustless workshop. There have thirty-five pieces for production line, it's one million five hundred thousand for the output on KN95; And there have four pieces production line on disposable mask, it's three hundred and fifty thousand for the output. All products already passed the national standard test and it produced in strict accordance with national standards of the company. And we got CE certificate and FDA certificate. From now on, we will make the CE certificate of the SGS.

    Kind sincerely to contact us. Welcome to place an order if you are interested.

    深圳市华星祥科技有限公司长期从事高科技产品制造,是多家著名手机厂商的长期供应商,在业界拥有良好声誉,公司于2020年成立全资子公司—深圳市美丽医疗器械有限公司,专门从事口罩生产。深圳市美丽医疗器械有限公司按照广东省药品监督管理局二类医疗器械应急审批的标准,建立了完整的医疗器械生产质量管理体系,配备了专业实验室与检测设备。公司目前拥有一批经验丰富的专业技术人才,其中高级工程师五名,工程师10名;厂房1W平方米,10W级无尘车间多个;KN95生产线35条,日产量150W个;平面口罩生产线4条,日产量35W个。公司所有产品均通过国标检测,严格按国家标准生产,已经办理CE和FDA认证,目前正在办理SGS的CE 认证。诚挚欢迎新老客户来电洽谈业务!